Our worldwide sales and distribution/OEM network spans the following countries.

Infood Asia is a channel specialist in retail and food services. With the management team’s dedicated expertise and know-how in the sector, Infood Asia is equipped to strengthen brands’ position and enhance value creation, by realising the best matches between brands and networks.

Asia is a fast-growing space for consumer products. Its broad connections in targeted markets, coupled with in-depth local knowledge means Infood Asia has the advantage in sourcing for the best brands and products, on top of bridging businesses to an integrated network of distribution and logistics services.

Infood Asia is highly customised for the local markets in which it operates, and is always up-to-date with the latest trends and analytics. Its adaptability and agility give it a competitive edge in the volatile environment of Asian markets.




Notable for its soft mineral water and biscuit selections, Infood Asia also brought forth homegrown premium malt whiskies – Kyutou (宮騰) and Shinzaki (宸崎), serving as the perfect complement to HinoAso’s premium quality water and snack foods from Yumiyo.

“宮” can be interpreted as a palace or a royal residence, while “騰” represents soaring and transcending. Combining the characters, 宮騰 or Kyutou, represents nobility, continuous progress and development.

Kyutou Premium Malt was crafted to honour Japanese distillers’ talents and the beauty of this unique tradition. The golden shade of the name, which signifies wealth, conveys the status of the Kyutou distillery. Kyutou Premium Malt is matured in oak barrels. Firm at first, it grows smoky in flavour before mellowing out to a wonderful finish.

“宸” refers to Japan’s emperors living quarters and “崎” means steep and majestic. Conveying the meaning of majesty and dignity, the brand name symbolises elite quality and high royalty.

The Shinzaki Premium Malt distillery situated in Southern Japan is among natural springs that provide high-quality water. The experienced distillers maintain their mastery of the production process, by combining seasoned oak barrels with soft natural water found in Japan’s natural landscapes in an exemplary way. This Shinzaki Premium Malt has a gorgeous amber hue and fantastic smokiness. It has a smooth, subtle flavour and aroma that lingers in the taste.

Besides the self-developed whiskies, an array of other exquisite liquors from Shochu to Sake, including Myo-cha, Gin and Umeshu, awaits your drinking pleasure. Versatile yet palatable, these Japanese alcoholic beverages can be enjoyed with diverse foods, or mixed with various beverage options. Offering exceptional quality and authentic tastes, experience indulgent pleasure with every sip.

Established under the portfolio of Infood Asia, Yumiyo has gained recognition for its nutritious yet tasty biscuits range. Free from cholesterol and trans-fat while maintaining the authentic goodness of carefully sourced ingredients to produce quality cookies and crackers, we assure wholesome and pleasurable snacks tailored to everyone’s preferences.

Suitable as a breakfast food or a teatime snack, Yumiyo’s biscuits can be savoured at anytime of the day to satisfy your snack cravings and would also be the perfect treat for family and friends to enjoy.


Due to rising health trends and consumers’ shifting preferences to bottled water for a safer drinking source, natural deep ground mineral water from Mount Aso, Kumamoto was introduced under Infood Asia. Recognised for its remarkable quality, HinoAso has been awarded the Grand Gold Quality Award by Monde Selection for two consecutive years in 2021 and 2022.

HinoAso has a pH level of 7.6, giving the alkaline water a smooth mouthfeel and taste that would be complementary with brewing of beverages, cooking or even mixing with a cup of liquor. Containing silica and other essential minerals, every drop of HinoAso’s soft water brings a boost of vitality, refuel and nourishment that enhances beauty and health making it an ideal mineral water to hydrate ourselves with anytime.